We look forward to welcoming you to Wethele Manor

Please do not visit Wethele Manor if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID or are self isolating or have been in recent contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid – 19. 

To conform with Covid-19 safety regulations we have put into place some additional control measures in order to reduce the spread of COVID – 19.

We kindly ask that you fully read our this essential safety information before your visit. 

Please conform with the local and or government guidelines in place when visiting Wethele Manor.

Please follow our visitor requirements below:

  • Please use sanitisers provided
  • Please cough, sneeze or blow your nose into tissues and dispose of these immediately, if none are available please cough or sneeze into your elbow and wash hands immediately.
  • Please do not touch any door handles if at all possible – we will have doors open where possible to reduce the need to touch surfaces. 
  • OUTDOOR activities rock, if you coming to any outdoor event please do dress for the weather, wellies are recommended for winter months.

We promise to keep you feeling safe by:

  • Restricting visitor numbers when necessary
  • Providing timed entrance slots when necessary
  • Offering a warm welcome at a distance
  • On site monitoring of visitor activity
  • Using one-way systems where necessary to enable social distancing
  • Carrying out enhanced cleaning.
  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to our staff when necessary
  • Operating a paperless and cashless system – pre ordering online or card payments only
  • If cash is the only option please use hand santiser before handing cash to us.

In return, please show you care by:

  • Keeping your belongings with you at all times
  • Keeping to the arrival time if this has been stipulated for your visit. 
  • Showing your ticket on a mobile device on arrival if applicable.
  • Keeping two metres away from other visitors and staff
  • Following the one-way signs
  • Washing your hands for 20 seconds after using our facilities and using hand sanitiser when necessary.
  • We do have Covid hygiene packs available should you have forgotten your facemask to where when appropriate.
  • Supporting our staff by showing patience and keeping your distance whenever queuing is required
  • Using your own personal protective equipment (PPE), facemask when applicable.


  • Children are very welcome at Wethele Manor, please can we ask that children also adhere to social distancing and are always accompanied by an adult – we appreciate that this is really hard for them at this time – we have young children ourselves and realise that this can be really difficult. 

Four Legged Friends

  • Assistance dogs are absolutely very welcome without reservation.
  • Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome, however please only bring your dog if he/she is happy around children, adults and other animals.
  • If you are hoping to bring your 4 legged friend or other family animal to a specific event please do contact at
  • Sadly we cannot have dogs or other animals in any of the accommodation.

Additional Assistance

  • In line with restrictions from Public Health England and to protect the Wethele Manor staff please do book a ticket for a companion if you require assistance while at Wethele Manor.
  • Regrettably at this time we cannot safely provide assistance on site.