[mkd_section_title title=”GLAMPING PODS” title_color=”” title_text_transform=”” title_text_align=”left” margin_bottom=”” title_size=”” type_out=”no”][mkd_section_subtitle color=”” text_align=”left” text=”Located just beyond the courtyard lawn in its own discreet area are four additional bedrooms housing wonderfully comfortable double beds along with towels, toiletries, tea and coffee facilities and televisions.” width=””]

Follow the winding path across our lawn to the gated bridge that leads into the glamping field, ‘Rabbits Burrow’, ‘Squirrels Drey’, ‘Fox Earth’ and ‘Badgers Set’ take less than a minute to get to from the courtyard and are nestled close to Weston woods overlooking a wonderful, sunrise facing, view of the Warwickshire countryside surrounding us here at Wethele Manor.

‘Rabbits Burrow’ and ‘Squirells drey’ are the more compact buildings although everything you may need for a comfortable nights accommodation is included. These two buildings sit either side of the ‘water hole’ which is a self contained shower room and lavatory facility that services these bedrooms.

‘Fox Earth’ and ‘Badgers Set’ are the larger buildings with en-suite facilities located within. These two bedrooms also boast a kitchenette with a fridge, sink and microwave and have space for a table and chairs for two as well as a covered porch and decking space to the front.

For the more outdoorsy of your guests these are a very glamorous alternative to camping and also include a sumptuous breakfast served within the main house the following morning.

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